Supernatural Beings

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About Us

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to help those who are gifted with any type of psionic abilities, as well as those who are deeply interested in mystic practices and beliefs or even metaphysical-based experiments in our organization, or even skeptics.
Our experimental research includes gaining information via online resources or other materials and putting them in our "theory in process pile" and experimenting with them until proven possible, instead of automatically believing it is true.
Please sign up, guest are limited to things they can do such as forums, lessons, debates, and more.


We don't have many rules, but the few rules we have are expected to be followed.
1. Respect each other. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. No arguments in our debates section. Act mature when debating over what you believe, please. This rule includes no discrimination - age, sex, type, religion, spirituality,  and others do not matter on this site. Respect each other's opinions. No harassing and bullying. No racism or sexism.
2. This site is not for role play. This site is to learn and/or teach.
3. No adult content will be tolerated.
4. Foul language is tolerated, as long as it's not excessive.
5.No trolls - if you are a skeptic, you are welcome, but do you mock, harass, or make fun of our members.
6. report any problems to the site member.
7. Members who follow these rules, show that they are active and responsible, and ask permission of the site owner may become a moderator.
8. Do not post any videos that are not related to supernaturals/superhumans, spells and witchcraft, meditation, etc. However, you may post pictures that you find interesting. No pornographic pictures or videos. If you do not follow this rule, your video or picture will be deleted.
9. Proper spelling and grammar is strongly encouraged. Please read over what you write, make sure it makes sense. For example don't have run on sentences. Do not write like this:
thanks im happy to hear that oh and i watched the vampire diaries so i know about vampires and all how does that kill him if it doesnt kill him what happens oh and is there a spell that i can use to control the vampire so it doesnt kill him is that possible i dont know if thats possible thats why im asking sorry and have a good day.
10. Be active. No ghost members. I understand as of right now since there is barely any members yet, but when we have more members I don't want any ghost followers.
If you don't follow these rules you will be changed to a limited member or have your account canceled.

Don't Know What To Do?

Start posting in our forums, or apply in our forms section (Contact > Forms) To apply to Teach, Give Readings, Post in our Supernatural Being Research Project or Test A Spell Project.